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Venad Guild Young Psychiatrist Award
From this year onwards Kerala Branch of Indian Psychiatric Society is launching the 'Venad Guild Young Psychiatrist Award'. The award is instituted for the best original research by a young psychiatrist aged 40 years or below. 


•    The award is instituted for the best original research paper by a young psychiatrist aged 40 years or below
•    Fifty percent of the authors, including the presenting author should be members of the Indian Psychiatric Society—Kerala Chapter.
•    The paper should be submitted in the format prescribed by Kerala Journal of Psychiatry.
•    It should not have been presented or published elsewhere, either in part or full.
•    An e-copy of the original research paper is to be submitted to the Chairman, Awards Committee of the SIPSCON.
•    The manuscript will be evaluated by a panel of three judges and the floor presentation will be evaluated by another panel of three judges. 
•    The judges shall not be co-authors of any of the papers submitted for the award. They shall not be affiliated with the institutions from which the paper is submitted. 
•    The total marks will be 100. A weightage of 70% will be given to the manuscript and 30% to the floor presentation.
•    Out of the 70 marks allotted for the manuscript, 20 will be for relevance of the topic, 30 for the methodology and 20 for the quality of the write-up. 
•    The first three papers which score the highest marks will be selected for floor presentation. 
•    The time allotted for floor presentation will be 8 minutes, and 2 minutes for discussion.
•    Out of the 30 marks allotted for floor presentation, 10 marks each will be for the quality of the PowerPoint presentation, coherence of presentation and discussion.
•    The paper which scores the highest total marks will be chosen for the Venad Guild Young Psychiatrist Award.
•    The Award shall carry a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/-, which is to be divided between the co-authors. 
•    Certificates shall be provided to all the participants.
•    For redressal of any grievances, the participants can address complaints to the President, IPS-Kerala Chapter.
•    If submitted to the Kerala Journal of Psychiatry, the award paper will be accepted for publication in the journal after an editorial review.

For participation send the proposal to  and copy to 
Last date of receiving – August 1st  2022

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